This privacy policy applies to the websites of CosmoTalent, a company within Stojanovic & Associates Holding, located at Kabelweg 57, 1014 BA Amsterdam, registered under kvk number 87246554, and its affiliated and associated companies. This policy provides insight into the personal data we process as a user, the purposes for which we process it, and how we handle this personal data. We strongly advise you to read this privacy policy carefully. If you have any questions regarding our services and your privacy, you can always contact us via Cosmo Talent considers the careful handling of personal data a priority. Therefore, we process and secure personal data with utmost care. In these processes, we adhere to the requirements set forth by the GDPR and the Personal Data Processing Act of July 30, 2018. This Privacy Policy may be amended or updated regularly. We kindly request you to consult this Privacy Policy regularly to ensure you always have the most recent version.

A. Types of Personal Data We Process When you use our websites, we collect technical information about your device, such as your IP address, browser type, geographical location, and operating system. We also gather information about your browsing behavior, including the time you spend on a page, the links you click, the pages you visit, and how often you visit a particular page, whether through cookies (see Cookie Policy). When you fill out a contact form or subscribe to a newsletter, event, or webinar, we may collect the following:
● Name, email address, postal address, phone number
● Your current employer and position
● Information about your education and work experience
● Your resume, cover letter
● The log data of your message (date, time)
When you are considered a talent by us, we may collect:
● Notes made during the application process
● Evaluation forms, recommendations, test and assessment results
● Payslips
● External payroll information
● The log data of the conversation (date, time, who you communicate with, etc.)
● Other personal data you provide to us.
Additionally, Cosmo Talent occasionally processes public data, which includes data found in public databases, data you have publicly disclosed on a website, data that is generally known, or data that has appeared in the press.
Furthermore, we use cookies on our website. More information about this can be found in our cookie policy. We do not use automated data processing or profiling.

B. Purposes and Legal Basis for Processing We process your personal data to offer you the requested information, products, and services in a personal and efficient manner. If you contact us via the contact form with a question or remark, we process your personal data based on our legitimate interest (to be able to answer your question) and based on the execution of the agreement (if you wish to make use of our services). When you are looking for a job, we process your personal data to:
● Help you find a suitable job
● Communicate with you about open positions and the progress of any applications
● Provide your data to suitable future employers as part of the application process
● Send you notifications about open positions that we think may interest you
● Assist and advise you in your search for a new job
● Provide you with information about general trends in the job market
● Ask for your feedback on our services and meet our obligations to our clients when you are offered a job. We do this based on the execution of the agreement. It is our obligation to match the right candidate with the right vacancy and client. If you, as a client, ask us to work with you, we process your personal data to:
● Provide you with the requested services
● Provide you with reports about the work we do for you
● Advise you on relevant services and products
● Provide you with information about general trends in the job market
● Ask for your feedback on our services.
Again, the legal basis is the execution of the agreement.
Furthermore, we process your personal data to comply with legal obligations or to respond to any reasonable requests from competent law enforcement agencies or representatives, the judiciary, and government agencies or organizations, including competent data protection authorities. We do this based on a legal obligation. We process your personal data to perform statistical analyses with the aim of improving our websites, products, and services or developing new products and services.This is based on our legitimate interest.
Lastly, we may process your personal data in the context of events, whitepapers, webinars, or for direct marketing purposes. In these cases, we rely on your consent. Cosmo Talent and its entities always ask for this consent at the moment (and on the location on the website) where they wish to collect the data based on consent. If your personal data is provided to us by a third party, we will verify as soon as possible whether you have given your prior consent for this. You can withdraw your consent at any time, without any justification. To do this, please contact us via

C. Transfer to Third Parties
We do not provide or sell any personal data to third parties without your consent. Exceptions to this rule include exchanges between companies connected to Cosmo Talent, based on Cosmo Talent’s legitimate interest. Also, in the context of executing your agreement with Cosmo Talent, it is possible that personal data will be transferred, as well as in case of a legal provision or a judicial decision. Finally, Cosmo Talent may pass on personal data in the
context of a merger or acquisition. In this case, however, every effort is made to keep this transfer as minimal as possible and to secure it as much as possible.
Cosmo Talent may also engage third parties who, under its supervision, perform certain processing of personal data mentioned in this privacy policy or help facilitate it. In this case, these third parties always act under the responsibility of Cosmo Talent and are not allowed to carry out their own processing of personal data. These parties are also always bound by a specific data processing agreement.

D. Security of Your Personal Data Cosmo Talent guarantees a qualitative level of data and database security by taking all necessary and reasonable technical and organizational measures. We strive to evaluate these measures at regular intervals and adjust them if necessary. Cosmo Talent does not accept any liability, neither for direct nor for indirect damage resulting from an unlawful processing by a third party of your personal data.

E. Retention Period Cosmo Talent will keep and process your personal data for a period necessary for the execution of the agreement and in line with the processing purposes as described above. After all, a suitable profile is a dynamic entity, as both a talent and client grow and explore new functions. As such, your personal data will be stored as follows: for the duration of the services, an active retention period applies. As soon as there is no longer any contact, a passive retention period of 5 years is applied.

F. Your Rights When processing your personal data, you have various rights. If we ask for your consent for processing, you can withdraw that consent at any time. If you want to exercise one of the rights below, you can always contact us at the following email address:
● Right of access and inspection
● Right to correction, deletion, and limitation
● Right to erasure of your data
● Right to object to direct marketing without motivation and free of charge
● Right to withdraw your consent
● Right to data portability
We always try to answer your request and, if possible, to process it within one month after receipt. To process your request concretely and correctly, we ask you to be as specific as possible when addressing your request. In addition, we must be able to verify the identity of the requester. Therefore, please attach a copy of your identity card to your request.

G. Questions or Complaints If you have any questions or complaints about how we process your personal data, you can always contact us at the following email address: